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Move on Asia Takes on the End of Video Art

Song Dong, Still from Eating Landscape, curated by Feng Boyi.

Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong

February 6 - April 1, 2010

“Move on Asia” is one of Korea’s leading video art initiatives. Originating in Seoul in 2004, the annual exhibition consists of experimental video artists nominated by a network of Asian curators. This year nineteen curators have selected the work of almost thirty artists.

Each year the work of “Move on Asia” is organized under a different theme. This year’s theme is “The End of Video Art.” The topics investigated include the appropriation of the cinema and documentary fields.  Questions addressed include:  Have the boundaries of video art vanished? What is left from the changes that video art has undergone over the last decade?

The main curator of “Move on Asia: The End of Video Art” is Jinsuk Suh, who is the Director of the alternative space LOOP in Seoul, Korea. LOOP collaborated with the Hong Kong gallery Para/Site Art Space to organize the exhibition.

Hong Kong, via the Para/Site Art Space, first joined the program in 2009. This year the Para/Site Art Space serves as the venue for the talks, lectures, and video presentations of “Move on Asia.” Representing Hong Kong are local artist Hung Keung and curator Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya, who will give a gallery talk on February 7.

The program is divided into sections by country, with the curator from each country selecting his/her own representatives. From February 5 - 11 videos from China and Hong Kong are featured, followed by Australia and Indonesia from February 12 - 18, India from February 19 - 25, and Japan from February 26 - March 4. From March 5 - 11, Korea and Pakistan are featured, while from March 12 - 18 the focus is Singapore and the Philippines, and from March 19 - 25, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. The final segment, March 25 - April 1 features Turkey and Vietnam.

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