Editor's Picks

Julianne Rose / Flesh and Plastic

By Raisa Clavijo
With vast experience in advertising photography, Julianne Rose, an Australian artist residing in Paris, constructs a discourse in which she criticizes the harmful effects of rampant consumerism and the manipulatory strategies of the advertising industry in the formation of human beings’ identities.
Her photographs and sculptures are based on childhood as the fundamental and [...]

Takashi Murakami: Emerging from desire

By Suzanne Cohen
The largest Takashi Murakami (1962) retrospective is being shown at the Brooklyn Museum from April 5 through July 13, 2008. The exhibition entitled, © MURAKAMI, includes more than ninety works produced using various artistic media, typifying the creative career of this prominent Japanese artist.
The exhibition was organized by The Museum of Contemporary Art [...]

Grimanesa Amorós - Interview

By: Raisa Clavijo
Grimanesa Amorós is an artist who enjoys well-deserved international acclaim. Her work demonstrates an interest in sociology, anthropology and scientific research, especially in the fields of biology and genetics.
Through her work she touches on universal themes of concern to contemporary individuals, such as: the relationship between man and nature, personal and social identity, [...]

Frank Stella - Five-Decade Legacy

By: Irina Leyva-Pérez
Frank Stella is one of those artists who needs no introduction. From his ground-breaking abstractions in the 1960’s, until today with his new works, he has managed to keep up the pace and the interest, despite the incredible amount of artists and works being produced in the contemporary art arena.
Gary Nader Fine Arts [...]

Kim Joon: Body Ads

By: Bryan Barcena
The explosion of interest in the artistic output arising from the Far East has, over the past decade, created what some would describe as a hyperinflated market where international superstars are born after only one showing. We are currently experiencing an endless thirst for Asian contemporary art, where the supply of young artists, [...]


By: David Schmidt
For the 13th time Basel welcomes LISTE, a fair focused on promoting young artists and new galleries. Each year, since its inauguration in 1996, LISTE has organized, parallel to Art Basel, a dynamic exhibition that offers space to artists 40 years of age or younger and galleries in existence for five years or [...]


By Raisa Clavijo
Luis Cruz Azaceta (Havana, 1942) is an artist whose work carries the indelible imprint of displacement. The solitude, cultural and linguistic isolation, and the certainty of no longer belonging anywhere has marked his view of the world since he immigrated to the United States from Cuba at the beginning of the sixties. Throughout his [...]

ON ANTHROPOPHAGIA: Marisol Plard Narváez

By Brenda Torres-Figueroa
“The body contained by a hole, as intimate and hurtful as the mother’s body, warm as the memory: like the act of coming in and out of the body, without permission. The memory is sitting still building a hollow that persists, that sustains us. Acting pain intoxicated by death. In an act that [...]

Trends. Aspects of Latin American Contemporary Art at Merrill Lynch ARTEAMERICAS. A curatorial project since 2003 in Miami

By Lilia Fontana
Trends. Aspects of Latin American Contemporary Art at Merrill Lynch Arteamericas is a curatorial project led by Miami-based curator, Milagros Bello. This curatorial project has already become a landmark for Latin American Contemporary Art in the city. Countless generations of artists, well known and emergent, have been selected by this curator to show [...]


By Paco Barragan
Fairs, such as we know them today, have already existed for a few decades, but it wasn’t until relatively recent times that we witnessed the “category of the new” in the shape of the arrival of the curator in the world of art fairs, and the consequent promotion in the media of some [...]