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Video Art Now: Real, Virtual, and Machinima

The digital display attached to the existing network technologies facilitates new opportunities for visual creation. In addition to real and virtual video art, new forms incorporate the category of machinima.
By Cristina García-Lasuén
Visual creations today arise from a challenging technological, cultural, and formal mix, and reflect our early twenty-first century society. As such, these visual expressions [...]

Anri Sala - Purchase Not By Moonlight

Museum of Contemporary Art - North Miami
December 3, 2008 - March 1, 2009
By Bryan Barcena
Debuting during Art Basel 2009, the Museum of Contemporary Art Miami brings to the United States the first major museum showing for Albanian multi-media artist, Anri Sala. Known primarily for his video pieces invoking the communicative properties inherent in light and [...]