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Thorsten Hasenkamm Presents His Recent Work at Harold Golen Gallery

September 12 - October 3, 2009
German artist Thorsten Hasenkamm (Paderborn, 1975) will present his works at the Wynwood Art District as part of the fall schedule of Harold Golen Gallery. Hasenkamm’s oeuvre is influenced by Expressionism, as well as by the visual language of comics, cartoons, animation, 50’s/60’s retro, and pro wrestling.
Through his prolific portfolio, [...]

Nam June Paik - Live Feed: 1972 -1994

James Cohan Gallery - New York
April 14 - May 30, 2009
By Janet Batet
Nam June Paik is an emblematic figure for contemporary arts. Known as one of the major exponents of the Fluxus movement and a pioneer of video art, his visionary notion about arts and technology as well as his continued exploration in the perception [...]

Ralph Provisero / Celluloid Drag: Some Space Between Film and Architecture

Dorsch Gallery
March 14 - April 18
By Carlos Suárez De Jesús
For his sweeping installation at the Dorsch Gallery, Miami-based sculptor Ralph Provisero salvaged the steel beams from another Miami gallery to create a work exuding both power and grace.
The dynamic installation, titled Traiettorie Architettoniche (or Everybody’s got their own arrows), gave the impression the artist had [...]

Recent Works by Steven Gagnon

Art@Work - Miami
January 31 - April 30, 2009
By Janet Batet
Steven Gagnon’s Border Cruiser has been running around since 2007. Participating in important art events such as Art Basel Miami Beach, his patrol car has been exhibited at Locus Project in Miami, the Art Car Museum in Houston, in the Twelfth International FotoFest Biennial, and lately [...]

Andrés Michelena - The truth will set you free

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space
Wynwood Art District, Miami
By Yuleina Barredo
If in fact Andrés Michelena (Caracas, 1963) recognizes that his oeuvre is thematically and stylistically lacking in a constant, continuity could be established in the reflective intentions that accompany his artistic work. The skeptical and ironic attitude, which the artist assumes when he argues about religion, esotericism [...]

Roger B. Stillz

ABRO Gallery - Wynwood Art District, Miami
By Denise Colson
Faces of Change is the name that photographer, Roger B. Stillz, uses as a title for his most recent series of works exhibited at Abro Gallery. It is a collection of more than 40 photographs that document the January 2009 inauguration of the President of the United [...]

Collective Consciousness

Bakehouse Art Complex - Wynwood Art District, Miami
March 13 - April 2, 2009
By Denise Colson
The Bakehouse Art Complex recently exhibited “Collective Consciousness,” curated by Lauren Wagner, which included works by Patricia Schnall Gutiérrez, José Pacheco Silva, Tina Salvesen, Jennifer Basile and Ingrid Eliasson. According to its catalogue, the show was based on the term “collective [...]

Pan American Art Projects Presents an Excellent Schedule for the Summer

Primary Colors
May 30 - July 4, 2009
Las Vanguardias Cubanas
July 11 - August 13, 2009
Gustavo Acosta & Carlos González
September 5 - October 3, 2009
Pan American Art Projects opens the summer with the show “Primary Colors “(May 30 - July 4). This is a collective exhibition presenting the works of Argentineans, Carolina Sardi and Hernan Dompe; Cubans, [...]

F(r)acture: divisions in painting

June 13 - July 18, 2009
Opening reception June 13, 2009, 7-10pm
Dorsch Gallery is presenting this summer “F(r)acture: divisions in painting.” Curated by Brook Dorsch, this group exhibition features works by Alicia Gibson, David Marsh, Jordan Massangale, Patrick McElnea, Brandon Opalka, Jane Parshall, Carlos Rigau, Karen Seapker and Kevin Van Gorp. The exhibition will be on [...]

Sebastian Spreng - Handmade Horizons and Songs

Kelley Roy Gallery
The exhibition runs through September 2009
A new series of paintings by Sebastian Spreng is being exhibited at Kelley Roy Gallery in the Wynwood Art District (Miami). The series “Handmade Horizons and Songs” referred to by the artist as “inner landscapes,” portrays the internal projections of the viewer outwards through the paintings. The canvases in [...]