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Interview with Barry Schwabsky

Interview with Barry Schwabsky

“The fact remains that there have been no deep innovations in art for forty years.“

Based in London, American art critic Barry Schwabsky is chief art critic of The Nation and co-editor of international reviews for Artforum. A prolific and respected writer, Schwabsky has made notable contributions to Vitamine P, Saatchi’s Triumph of Painting and The [...]

Martin Kippenberger: The problem-maker

“Behold the good and just! Whom do they hate most?
Him who breaketh up their tables of values,
the breaker, the lawbreaker:
- he, however, is the creator.”
Federic Nietzche. Thus spoke Saratustra.
By Janet Batet
Martin Kippenberger is a controversial, uninhibited, eccentric figure with an impressive level of energy and synergy. Creator, project developer and social agitator, his work cannot [...]

Traces du Sacré at Haus der Kunst (Munich, Germany)

September 19th, 2008 - January 11th, 2009
The beginning of the 20th century is marked by the impression of faith’s foundation being shaken to the core. Nietzsche’s declaration, “God is dead” (1881/1882) and Max Weber’s assertion of the “disenchantment of the world” (1904) revealed just how much people’s relationship to religion had changed. Yet this did [...]