Articles of ‘Bruce Nauman’

Production Site: A Compound Eye on the Artist’s Studio

Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago
Curated by Dominic Molon

By Jeriah Hildwine

“Production Site: The Artist’s Studio Inside Out,” represents the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s contribution to Studio Chicago, a year-long, citywide event focusing on the artist’s studio. In curating “Production Site,” MCA curator Dominic Molon faced the challenge (as with any themed group show) of striking a [...]

Venice Biennale – Making Worlds

By Natalie Sciortino-Rinehart
Fare Mondi // Making Worlds, the 53rd Venice Biennale presents an extensive arsenal of works from over ninety international artists. The Biennale also heralds a record number of 44 Collateral Events proposed by international groups. Curated by Daniel Birnbaum, the main exhibition’s multiple themes converge into an overarching gestalt exploring many creational forces. [...]

Abstract Cinema and Technology

Museum of Contemporary Art - North Miami
March 25 - May 10, 2009
By Bryan Barcena
Presented with the concept of an exhibition focusing on abstract cinema, one might expect a museum full of large black cubic theatres, projecting images akin to the kind you would find on your computer’s desktop screensaver; frigid mechanical op-art that would seem [...]

The Venice Biennial

53rd International Art Exhibition - Fare Mondi // Making Worlds
June 7 - November 22, 2009
The 53rd edition of the Venice Biennial was inaugurated on June 7, under the direction of renowned curator, Daniel Birnbaum. Entitled “Making Worlds,” it assembles the projects of more than 90 creators from 77 countries, including first-time participation by Montenegro, Principality [...]

Traces du Sacré at Haus der Kunst (Munich, Germany)

September 19th, 2008 - January 11th, 2009
The beginning of the 20th century is marked by the impression of faith’s foundation being shaken to the core. Nietzsche’s declaration, “God is dead” (1881/1882) and Max Weber’s assertion of the “disenchantment of the world” (1904) revealed just how much people’s relationship to religion had changed. Yet this did [...]