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Push to Flush. American Iconoclasm and Painting

Push to Flush. American Iconoclasm and Painting

(Or Why Dana Schutz’s Painting of Emmett Till Goes Far Beyond Freedom of Expression)

By Paco Barragán
The recent controversy about Dana Schutz’s painting Open Casket (2016) at the Whitney Biennial is reminiscent of similar incidents in the United States that keep popping up with frenzied fury.
In this case, the attack came from [...]

A Vision of the World - Interview with Nicola Verlato

By Domenico Quaranta
This interview started, as often happens, a long time ago as an informal conversation, when I first realized that the work of Nicola Verlato, an Italian academic painter who seemed to be miles far away from what I was interested in at the time, had something in common with video games. I asked [...]