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The Other Dimension

Museum of Contemporary Art - North Miami

Curated by Jorge Luis Gutiérrez

By Raisa Clavijo

“The Other Dimension” constituted an ambitious project conceived of by Miami-based Antuan Rodríguez and curated by Jorge Luis Gutiérrez that became a study of the symbols and codes that contribute to establishing universal communication and overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers.

Antuan starts with the premise that art constitutes a weapon of seduction that provokes the viewer, which leads to reflection and, in the best cases, to action out of a desire to change reality. With “The Other Dimension,” this artist proposes an integration of humanity through art. Throughout his career, he has studied the iconographic bases of language from the beginnings of civilization and has detected recurring codes that start with the stylization of the human figure. He reproduces a pattern-known as “The Flower of Life”-in different combinations and proposes communion among human beings through empathy.

“The Other Dimension,” an exhibition by Antuan Rodriguez at Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami. Courtesy of the artist.

“The Other Dimension,” an exhibition by Antuan Rodriguez at Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami. Courtesy of the artist.

Research has always formed the backbone of Antuan’s work. Likewise, he has established interdisciplinary ties between art, science, technology, design and industry. Specifically, the relationship between art and industry has been a constant throughout his professional trajectory. In this exhibition, he has blended the healing and uplifting character of art with the design of utilitarian objects. On this occasion, he included a design of tiles that he created in collaboration with Kertiles, a factory with locations in the United States and Spain. Antuan worked on a mosaic that suggests a template for universal communication promoting respect and unity among men.

The curatorial selection in “The Other Dimension” included various previous pieces, although it was not strictly a retrospective. Throughout the years, Antuan has developed a vast body of work with two recurring elements: the object and the human figure. His works constitute visual metaphors through which he addresses themes of political, economic and social interest with universal repercussions. Words that Kill, Left or Right, Equipo de limpieza para limpiar tu alma and Changing Our Fables are some examples.

"The Other Dimension," installation view

"The Other Dimension," installation view

Another interesting piece is Vibration 7.8, in which the artist produces, with various healing musical instruments, a vibration that seeks equilibrium and generates a purifying effect in the human body. Antuan minimized the harmful vibrations that cause many illnesses, and through sound he fostered a narrative about the space that the viewer could intuitively decode. The images of these vibrations were represented on canvases also included in the exhibition.

The Other Dimension was a section within the show that, apart from serving as inspiration for the title, included a group of sculptures whose surfaces reproduce a kind of alphabet conceived by the artist consisting of binary codes. Each code signifies a type of situation or human being, with the combination of various codes comprising a message. They are messages motivated by the communication vacuum that currently exists, which has its roots in the loss of the connection between man and his spiritual essence. The artist has explored this combination of binary codes and immortalized them in paintings and drawings. Additionally, he has developed a design project for public spaces in which the diverse elements that make up said spaces communicate a liberating message.

"The Other Dimension," installation view.

"The Other Dimension," installation view.

Antuan’s works invite reflection on present-day themes, such as the meaning of time, lack of communication, loss of equilibrium between man and his environment, and lack of connection with the past, among other topics. Each piece takes on meaning as it interacts with the viewer and contributes to exploring human behavior.

(November 30, 2016 - January 22, 2017)

Raisa Clavijo is an art critic, curator and art historian based in Miami. She is founder and editor-in-chief of ARTPULSE and ARTDISTRICTS magazines.

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