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Carlos Estévez, Gory & Adrian, at Pan American Art Projects

Carlos Estévez. The Mystery of Beauty, 2009. Oil and pencil on canvas. 56” x 70”. Courtesy of the artist and Pan American Art Projects

Carlos Estévez - The Mystery of Migrations

Project Room: Gory and Adrian / Diptychs: One Lens, Two Visions

April 11 - May 23, 2009

Opening April 11, 2009 6-9 pm

“The Mystery of Migrations” is the title of Carlos Estévez’s new solo exhibition of paintings. As the title indicates, Carlos is exploring the process of migrations, philosophically, existentially and physically. He is looking at it from the individual and collective point of view, how it affects every aspect of life. He is talking about the implications of the migration process, the changes that occur when this happens and how it affects each person differently. Carlos is bringing up the concept of transformation, which mostly happens inside us.

“One Lens, Two Visions” presents the works by two artists: Gory and Adrian. The exhibition explores the works created by father and son over a period of time and the relationship between them. Gory (Rogelio Lopez Marin), an important Cuban photographer shared his camera with his son Adrian Lopez Ballester. These images are the result of this cooperation and also of their vision. Although the photographs are done in different techniques: Gory favored a color image, while Adrian went for the traditional black and white, it doesn’t affect the final outcome. The dialogue between the images replicates, in a way, a conversation between father and son.

Pan American Art Projects 2450 NW 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33127

Phone 305-573-2400

Fax 305-573-0720


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