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Matteo Ferretti - Lights at the Edge, at Quiroz 108 Gallery

Matteo Ferretti. Untitled, 2008. Photography, mirror, plastic on multi wood layers. 47.5” x 47.5”. Courtesy of the artist and Quiroz 108 Gallery

May 9 - June 12, 2009

Opening May 9, 2009- 7 pm

After recent major Italian exhibitions in Milan and Florence, Matteo Ferretti will present, at Quiroz 108 Gallery in Miami, the show “Lights at the Edge.”

The exhibition will include twenty of his latest works related to his research on the relationship between photography and form. Three themes are addressed: spirituality and religion, science and research, ecology and a green way of life.

Male and female figures, chosen from his repertoire, are represented in photo collages. These are cut-out images presented as the author’s original work and emerging in a sea of fragments.

With Ferretti we see a new stylistic trend, a “post human” order centered on the themes of rite and metamorphosis. It is a new aesthetic order that leaves space for a continuing and vertiginous transmigration among infinite performance possibilities.

Matteo Ferretti lives and works in Parma. After receiving a Master’s degree in Graphic Arts in 1996, he studied mural and architectural restoration at the San Paola Institute in Mantova. During this period he frequented the ateliers of painters, Guido Fontechiari and Alfonso Borghi, where he developed his personal technique, focused specifically on Post-Impressionistic and informal themes. After taking part in several cultural events in cities, such as, Reggio Emilia, Piacenza and Genova, in 1998 he crossed national borders, forging a  relationship with Dresda Accademy and exhibiting his works in Berlin and Frankfurt. Ferretti’s visual projects originate from the conjunction of different artistic experiences, from painting to coloring, to pixel technology, to the combining of painting and video art. Currently the artist is working in Paris on the great international project, “Moai, Travel of Light.”

Quiroz 108 Gallery. 2294 NW 2 Ave Wynwood Art District. Miami, Fl. 33127

Phone 305 299 4679 / 305 431 4517 



For further information, www.centroita.com

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