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Mike Tesch: Rhyme Art, at Kelley Roy Gallery

Mike Tesch. Rhyme Art, Clever, Acrylic on canvas, 48” X 60”> Courtesy of the artist and Kelley Roy Gallery

Opening Reception: Saturday April 11, 2009, 7 - 10 pm

Mike Tesch has had a love affair with the written word and painting all his life. Call him a painter, a poet and a dreamer; as a committed communicator, he is all of these and more. 

Widely known as the genius who produced some of the most memorable advertising of our time - “Time to make the Donuts” for Duncan Donuts and “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight” for Federal Express - Tesch is now communicating his creativity through inspired visual poetry.

Tesch’s provocative and evocative Rhyme Art can be viewed in an exhibition now on display at Kelley Roy Gallery, along with his series Quotes in which the word is a recurring element.

“Rhymes have always made people smile. For my latest collection of painting, I’ve taken words and arranged them in a graphic way. I painted the words on large canvases with simple color backgrounds for people to enjoy,” says Tesch. “During these uncertain economic times, I hope my art will spread cheer and mental sunshine.”

 “Mike Tesch: Rhyme Art” is another excellent exhibition presented by Kelley Roy Gallery, which is focused on showing the works of established and emerging artists. Each month, its large new gallery space, in the heart of the Wynwood Art District in Miami, presents comprehensive exhibitions of creators who bring bold, new ideas to contemporary art.

Spectators will also enjoy Waters, a relevant collection of paintings by Venezuelan Antonio Ugarte, along with the works of other artists represented by the gallery: the stunning collages of Robert Swedroe and works by Kevin Paulsen, Joe Concra and Finnish artist, Soile Yli-Mayry.

Additionally, STRUCTURES, a collection by renowned sculptor John Henry will be on display, as well as pieces by Henry Lautz, STRETCH, and Robert Thiele.

Kelley Roy Gallery. 50 NE 29th Street. Wynwood Art District, Miami

Phone (305) 447-3888


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