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Ramiro Llona

Ramiro Llona

The Americas Collection - Miami
By Raisa Clavijo
The Americas Collection late last year presented a selection of canvases by the Peruvian artist Ramiro Llona, all of which were created within the last decade. Parallel to the exhibition in Miami, two expositions were presented in Lima: “El lugar de la pintura” at the Museo de [...]

Mythic Magic And Morbid Memory: Roberto Fabelo’s Visionary Fantasies

Mythic Magic And Morbid Memory: Roberto Fabelo's Visionary Fantasies

By Donald Kuspit
Now I challenge anyone to explain the diabolic and diverting farrago of Bruegel the Droll otherwise than by a kind of special, Satanic grace. For the words ‘special grace’ substitute, if you wish, the words ‘madness’ or ‘hallucination’; but the mystery will remain almost as dark….and I cannot restrain myself from [...]