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Tales of Motherhood

Tales of Motherhood

By Jennie Klein
Feminist artists have not always been interested in motherhood. Helen Million Ruby, one of the founding members of the activist group Mother Art and a student at the Feminist Studio Workshop in the Los Angeles Woman’s Building, was told by Judy Chicago that she couldn’t be a mother and an artist-the [...]

Cinema X: I Like to Watch

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art - Toronto
Curated by Paco Barragán

By Camilla Singh

The collision of emerging erotic practices against the grip of religious morality compels us to re-educate ourselves about human sexuality without prejudice. Paco Barragán’s iconoclastic exhibition “Cinema X: I Like To Watch” challenges the prevailing sexual mores.  He supports his call for [...]

Bodily (Re)Marks: The Performance Art of Regina José Galindo

By Maja Horn
Recently, I had the opportunity to coincide again with the renowned Guatemalan performance artist and poet Regina J. Galindo (1974) at the international performance event “Performar” ( in the Dominican Republic, organized by the collective Arte-Estudio and the Centro Cultural de España. We had both lived for extended periods of time in the [...]