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Don’t Pay Taxes / Buy Art

By Raúl Martínez
Every year, as the first snows hit the Northern Hemisphere, thousands of collectors flock to Miami for their winter retreat near the Caribbean. Six months later, many of them are to be found again on the banks of the Rhine, in Switzerland. They travel to Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach, the [...]

Art Market Crisis ?

By Elisa Hernando
The growth of the art market during the last hundred years is unprecedented in the history of art. Nevertheless, this increase is not a general trend. How can a recession affect art prices? Does a crash in the stock market influence auctions, galleries and art fairs? This article reflects on the relationship between [...]

The End of the Art Fair Age?

By Raúl Martínez
Over the past few years critics have repeatedly addressed the hyperinflation of art fairs. The outburst of the financial crisis last autumn appeared to be an irrevocable signal, rushing many of them to proclaim the demise of this model. If you have attended The Armory Show, Art Basel, Frieze or the FIAC in [...]

Is the time of the dealers back?

By Raúl Martínez
Until the recession took over the art market talk, one of the most discussed topics in 2008 was Damien Hirst’s decision to sell brand-new work at auction. According to the artist, it was a more democratic way to sell art, and a gesture against the greed and snobbery that defined the art market’s [...]

Yamini Nayar - Intimate Theater: A Soliloquy of Dislocations

By Sharmistha Ray
Brooklyn-based visual artist Yamini Nayar creates photographs of constructed interior and exterior environments to reflect upon the location of identity vis-à-vis place in the cultural domain. Each of Nayar’s environments starts with a three-dimensional model in the form of an architectural box made out of cardboard in which the artist places both handcrafted [...]

The Fairey Use Doctrine: A Present Battle in the Legal Wars Arising from Derivative Art

By Johnlee Curtis
Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the now-famous “HOPE” poster, a digitally-designed depiction of President Obama derived from a photograph taken by photographer Mannie Garcia and owned by the Associated Press (AP), has been embroiled in litigation on the issue of whether he violated the AP’s copyright from his use of the photograph. [...]

Julianne Rose / Flesh and Plastic

By Raisa Clavijo
With vast experience in advertising photography, Julianne Rose, an Australian artist residing in Paris, constructs a discourse in which she criticizes the harmful effects of rampant consumerism and the manipulatory strategies of the advertising industry in the formation of human beings’ identities.
Her photographs and sculptures are based on childhood as the fundamental and [...]

Takashi Murakami: Emerging from desire

By Suzanne Cohen
The largest Takashi Murakami (1962) retrospective is being shown at the Brooklyn Museum from April 5 through July 13, 2008. The exhibition entitled, © MURAKAMI, includes more than ninety works produced using various artistic media, typifying the creative career of this prominent Japanese artist.
The exhibition was organized by The Museum of Contemporary Art [...]

Grimanesa Amorós - Interview

By: Raisa Clavijo
Grimanesa Amorós is an artist who enjoys well-deserved international acclaim. Her work demonstrates an interest in sociology, anthropology and scientific research, especially in the fields of biology and genetics.
Through her work she touches on universal themes of concern to contemporary individuals, such as: the relationship between man and nature, personal and social identity, [...]

Frank Stella - Five-Decade Legacy

By: Irina Leyva-Pérez
Frank Stella is one of those artists who needs no introduction. From his ground-breaking abstractions in the 1960’s, until today with his new works, he has managed to keep up the pace and the interest, despite the incredible amount of artists and works being produced in the contemporary art arena.
Gary Nader Fine Arts [...]