Articles of ‘Yamini Nayar’

A Place of Their Own

By Sharmistha Ray
South Asian-American Diaspora art in the United States has undergone a critical ideological evolution not to mention a radical integration into the American context from the 1990s to the present day. In the Nineties - with the exception of an artist like Pakistani-American Shahzia Sikander, who broke into the art mainstream early on [...]

Yamini Nayar - Intimate Theater: A Soliloquy of Dislocations

By Sharmistha Ray
Brooklyn-based visual artist Yamini Nayar creates photographs of constructed interior and exterior environments to reflect upon the location of identity vis-à-vis place in the cultural domain. Each of Nayar’s environments starts with a three-dimensional model in the form of an architectural box made out of cardboard in which the artist places both handcrafted [...]

Collective Utopia: Zenana as the public sphere

By Uzma Z. Rizvi
“Sultana’s Dream”, evokes an early twentieth century desire in feminism to designate space for women in the public sphere by relegating men to the private, creating a utopist vision expressed as fantasy. Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain inverted the world as she saw it in 1905 British India, effectively altering the lexical marker [...]